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CHAOS: 1993 FD3S Build

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Engine Arrival condition

Engine Removal for Inspection

Cracked rear housing which is the culprit to why the owner found a heavy mix of oil & coolant in the engine.

We also repaired Chaos Hurricane damaged fender & front bumper while at the shop.

Heavy detonation caused warping & premature engine failure.

Due to excessive failure of Chaos original engine, very little of the engine was salvageable for a proper rebuild. Chaos owner decided to go with a new longblock from Pineapple racing with many goodies including a deep sump oil pan, XD oil and water seals, street port intake/exhaust clearance, & a high flow lower intake manifold.

New components such as Touge Techniques oil metering lines, fuel lines, upgrading injectors and other supporting mods for a reliable fun ride. Also a new T04Z ball bearing turbo will really awaken this Street ported engine.

850cc primary’s & 1100cc secondaries for is solid a pump gas street machine.

Fresh engine Install

Engine installed & fitted with a Touge Techniques dual oil cooler upgrade.

Chaos all back together and running healthy again!

Fine tuning the fresh engine on A Dyno For percision driving results.

Another Happy Customer!

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1 Comment

Johnathan Tabo
Johnathan Tabo
Jan 08, 2020

Kara and I can’t wait to feel the new power!!! We’re getting pumped!

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