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1993 FD3S Type R Resurrection

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Heres a beginning to end time capsule of Alan building a RHD FD3S Imported from Japan.

The photo below is the original condition we first saw the car in when visiting japan in October 2017. We purchased it before leaving, and waited 1 year until it was legal for USA federal import.

Port Pickup 2018

Engine Arrived with 0 compression on the rear rotor housing. Time for an upgrade to a 1999 engine & trans.

Also upgraded all vacuum lines to high temp silicon hose, while adding Touge Techniques dual oil coolers & a Koyo Hi-Flo Radiator.

After a successful engine swap & cooling mods were complete, the car was prepped for a cosmetic makeover.

Alignment Time before heading our to Pikes Peak Raceway, Colorado!

The FD3S Shakedown went well and a Great success build for Team BridgeMoto! Stay tuned in for future mod updates.

#FD3S #Rx7 #Gridlife #pikespeak #bridgemoto #rotarypower

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