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1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Quick write up of Touge Techniques

92’ 3000GT VR4 built from a roller to a rider!

Day 1 of Picking up the 3000GT VR4 Shell, missing an engine, transmission, body panels, interior parts, and more.

Lots of work ahead to bring this back to its glory days.

Bumper, Fuel Tank, and miscellaneous parts to be refurbished before installed.

Engine replacement sourced from a wrecked 93’ TT Stealth, a nice upgrade to 4 bolt mains and factory forged crankshaft.

- Installation underway

3000GT VR4 relocated to the new BridgeMoto Shop.

- Engine swap was a success. However, the 5 speed transmission was worn and unable to drive.

Solution: 6 speed Full Drivetrains swap from a 95 VR4

Donor Below.

Never hurts to have a spare engine also from the deal

For the 6 speed swap you must swap over the following:

- 6 speed trans, shifter cables, driveshafts, rear differential

- you can utilize the same front and rear axles.

Cleaned Engine & new 6 speed setup installed.

Celebratory Drive to a successful job bringing this once abandoned VR4 back to life.

Stock OEM condition for now. Future Upgrades:

- Adjustable Touge Techniques Coilovers

- Car had received new oem Turbos since last photo, and will receive a boost up in the near future.

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