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Nissan Skyline GTR Nismo Boost-Up

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

From this point forward, we will be blogging our shop builds and modifications, including product releases and reviews. Check out this special Nismo GTR thats getting a great collection of Nismo upgrades

Nismo R32 GTR

Avery's GTR has come in for a Touge Techniques Boost Up treatment. Touge Techniques is an authorized Nismo and Nissan parts distributor. When we order parts for you we can guarantee you save money, time , and headaches of incorrect/replica parts.

The quality parts being utilized for the job are:

- Nismo N1 Street Series Turbos

- Nismo Fuel Pump 290lph

- Nismo 555cc Injectors

- Nissan OEM Turbo Gaskets

- Touge Techniques Custom Oil & Coolant stainless lines with fittings

- Reflashed OEM ECU

Nismo & Touge Techniques Parts

Stay tuned in as we post our progressions on this Nismo Boost Up GTR Project!

Nismo GTR in shop

Nismo N1 Block

These twin turbos were packed in with detailed sophistication by Nissan Japan. Check out the disassembly progress below and the amount of piece that makes twin turbo boost a reality! This R32 GTR will be getting fresh wastegate rubber lines for added performance insurance. Upon removal of the turbo charge piping you’ll find heat cycled cracked vacuum lines, as with any 25+ year old driven turbo car. Always look over each component and support ware for signs of age, wear, and tear. It’s much easier to address these items while all is apart versus having to disassemble twice!

Brittle Vacuum Lines

Twin Turbo Disassembly

SIngle Turbo left

Old Lines and Turbos cleared for Nismo Upgrades

Godzilla back together and complete with refinished & powdercoated valve covers, intake manifold, & cam gear cover. The Nismo turbines & stainless limes sure help this GTR Move out.

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