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1990 FC3S Touge Techniques Rotary

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

When it comes to rotaries, the 13B-REW with a big turbo takes the fire breathing cake. Follow this blog to see what we have been brewing up!


Engine Spec Sheet:

- 1999 Spec FD3S 13B-Rew engine platform with 120psi compression

- Full Retro HKS T51R Turbo kit including HKS 60mm wastegate, HKS Racing BOV, HKS Exhaust Manifold & Downpipe, Blitz Intercooler & Piping

- HKS or Blitz Full exhaust to be acquired

Other Performance Enhancing Drugs

  • Elite 1500 Haltech ECU with full Terminated Harness

  • Haltech/Racepak collaboration Digital Dash Display

  • Haltech igntion coils and harness

  • Touge Techniques Custom Oil Cooler Kit (will be released to public after completion of this build)

  • Touge Techniques AN Fittings for coolant lines

  • Koyo FD3S N-Flo Radiator

  • FD3S OEM Fans

Check out some our starting point parts that we have accumulated for the build. Be sure to stay tuned in and follow our blog for progressions and product reviews with this build!

Now we move onto the engine rebuild & installation:

Fresh Internals for this 13B-REW

Proper cleaning is key to a healthy Rotary

Internal Build Complete!

Bolt on’s time, including this Classic T51R HKS Turbo!

On to the engine install!

Mid engine Front mounted behind the suspension for optimum handling

Dual Oil Cooler upgrade with Touge Techniques Fittings & Hi-Temp Lines

Touge Techniques Product Available now!

Upgraded to a fresh LSD Turbo Differential

Intercooler installed & tucked back for bumper clearance

FD3S Calipers & Oversized slotted/drilled rotors for great stopping power & reduced heat fatigue

Intercooler piping finished & battery installed

13B-REW SIngle Turbo layout all sealed up

05/22/2020: Wheel update. Tried on some extra RGIII layong around the shop and I think the black on black is phenomenal!

First test drive, flawless Victory!

Road Atlanta Testing, with T51R. Excellent top end power!

1st Gridlife Time Attack competition in the FC3S at Chicago Autobahn.

After competing, decided I needed a more low end responsive turbo setup. So built my own custom turbo kit consisting of:

G30-770 Garrett Turbo, Custom TT Manifold, Turbosmart wastegate, and new fabbed Downpipe.

New Turbo Setup Installed

Custom Built Rays Mazdaspeed MS-01 3 piece setup to flush up with a new Widebody!

New widebody kit installed on the 3 piece Mazdaspeed wheels

AMP trackday on the new setup!

1st Drift Day in the FC3S

So thats a wrap, a 400whp FC3S powered by my fd3s old engine, rebuilt and ready to party for drift or grip racing! Heres the bonus dyno pull sounds for viewing this far!

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