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SUITS: Haltech Nexus and Elite ECU's using NSP and ESP Software

INCLUDES: 1 x Haltech TMS-4 Reciever 1 x TE Mcon to DTM-4 CAN Cable 4 x External Sensors 4 x anti-theft lock nuts Lock Nut spanner Mounting Hardware Quick Start Guide

NOTES: Batteries for external sensors are included and are replaceable (Use- CR1632) Typical lifespan of battery is 1 to 2 years


HOW DOES IT WORK? The TMS-4 receiver takes in the signal from each of the four tyre pressure sensors and sends it to your Haltech ECU through the CAN cable (included in each kit).

Connecting the receiver is a simple matter of plugging the 6 pin connector into the rear of the receiver and connecting the DTM connector into your Haltech CAN network.


They will display as separate tyre channels in the ESP software and can be re-assigned to any wheel if you need to rotate tyres or swap wheels. The sensors can also be turned off in the software if you do not want to monitor a specific wheel.


NOTE: To use the TMS-4 on any of our Elite series ECUs you will need to upgrade to at least 2.37 firmware and be using ESP software version 2.45 or later. Both of these are now released and available from Haltech DOWNLOADS page.

TMS-4 Tyre Monitoring System External Sensors

SKU: HT-011601
    • The Haltech TMS-4 is a simple, plug and play way to measure both tyre temperature and pressures through Haltech Elite and NEXUS series ECUs.
    • External Sensors are fitted directly to the valves on your tyres without removal. These sensors screw directly on to your existing valves.
    • They are held in place with an anti-theft lock nut and will not require tyre removal or re-balancing.
    • Each sensor uses a small battery located under the sensor cover and typically has a 1 to 2 year life span before needing to be replaced.

    • Both sensors have a working range of 0-110 psi and can trigger a DTC if it detects too high or too low of a pressure. They also can warn you if tyre temperature gets too high.

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