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For all RB20 & RB25 Transmissions

  • Drop in application

  • Stiffer Rubber

  • 10% Shorter Shift

Product Details

Nismo 32839-RN580 Solid Short Shifter - Nissan Laurel/Cefiro/Skyline RB20DE/RB25DE

The NISMO Solid Short Shifter for Nissan Laurels, Cefiros, and Skylines with RB20DE or RB25DE engines, is a drop-in application that effectively reduces the stroke by 10% between gears while also `solidly` engaging in gears. Nismo is the best for anything Nissan and is the top choice of all major Nissan tuners out there! NISMO uses a harder rubber compound in the inner part of the shifter to reduce deflection.  This helps with overall shift feeling so you know when the car is in the exact gear. They also reduce the shift throw distance by 10%, to allow for slightly faster shifting.

RB20/RB25 NISMO Short Shifter

SKU: Nismo-SShifter
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