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- Bottom mount manifold  is designed to mount any of the Garrett GTX30, GTX35, and G25/G30 turbos used with a V-band Housing. 
- LIFETIME WARRANTY = Superior Quality Control and Craftsmenship
- The 2 Piece downpipe mates up to OEM fitment exhaust systems for simple bolt-on & play!
- Downpipe is 3.5″ in diameter.

-  Features mandrel bends for better flow, plumb back wastegate features on the elbow.


-Carefully selected 304 Stainless steel tube. Working to eliminate the risk of material failure.
-Fully Purged welded. Subsequently improving gas flow leading to increases in power and lowered response times.
-Ported Merge Collector Welded Internally and Externally. Resulting in high strength, durability and turbo lifespan.
-Curved wastegate port design developed with leading engine tuners to allow high control and remove boost creep.
-Fully Smoothed Head Ports designed to optimize gas flow. As a result, providing an increase in power and lowered response times.
-Optimized for use with Turbosmart Gen-V Hypergate 45 Wastegates.

Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 Manifold & Downpipe Kit

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