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Touge Techniques brings years of Touge and Track Racing Development to offer you the optimal coilovers for your Mercedes 190E.

- TT Edition: Touge and Track version coilovers have optimized spring rates and dampening adjustment to ensure your car performs at its peak.

- Developed with precise data analytics and real touge road and track testing.- Excellent ride quality and performance is now balanced with Touge Techniques Mt. Haruna Race Development series of suspension.



- Personally own, build, and race multiple JDM & Euro platforms: Race, Street, and Touge Machines that have accumilated years of tuning & data acquisition from to provide the perfect fitment, performance, and driver feel.

-Utilization of high strength yet lightweight JAPAN MADE SAE 9254 Springs

-NOK Japan made Oil Seals for the best leak free seal and performance available.

- High heat resistant custom blended damping oil for peak performance in prolonged race/touge use.

- Front Spring Rate: FULL CUSTOMIZABLE- Pillowball Top Mount with full Camber and 32 way Dampening adjustment from street to full race


- OEM Style Spring and Shock design for best handling and fitment characteristics

- Includes coilover wrench tools and dampening keys for customizing your ride characteristics

- Forged custom anondized locking rings and strength tested Alloy Brackets for durability

- Locking Rings include a tension spring to ensure your suspension does not adjust under race load

Mercedes 190E Touge & Track Coilovers

SKU: TT-Coils-190e
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