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The "GT3076R-WG" packs the 500HP capable, quick spooling 52 trim 76mm compressor found in the popular GT3037 with the high flowing 90 trim turbine wheel found in the bigger GT3071R-WG, making it the highest flowing turbo available in the internal wastegated configuration.

GT3076R-WG Turbo

  • Ideal higher power upgrade for GT28RS/GT2871R/GT3071R-WG setups looking for a lot more power. Comes with T25 style inlet flange. Turbine -Wheel: 56.5mm w/ 90 trim -Housing: .64 or .86 a/r -Internally Wastegated (No Actuator) -Maps: Not Available Compressor -Wheel: 76mm w/ 52 trim -Housing: Various a/r -Inlet: Various -Maps: Not Available
    This unit is usually in stock and ships withing 1-2 days.

    Compressor Style Housing Options:

    T04E Style w/2.75" Inlet & 2.00" Outlet

    T04E Style w/4.00" Inlet & 2.00" Outlet

    Large T04S w/4.00" Inlet & 2.5" Outlet

    Compact T04B Style (like GT28RS/2871R) w/ 3" Inlet & 2.0" Outlet

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