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Material Selection:

First and foremost not all 304 Stainless steel is created equal. We carefully select the exact specification of the tube that we use. The use of poor quality tube can compromise the whole design. For Instance, exhaust manifolds experience repeated high-temperature cycles. In these situations, we have seen poor tubing split along the seam.

We design the head flanges inhouse. However, we outsource the precision waterjet cutting. We use waterjet cutting as it results in a more accurate cut over traditional laser cutting


The Mazda 13b Manifold uses a divided T4 Turbo flange. As a result, this allows the manifold primary pipes to remain separate. This negates the need for a collector.

The process of back purging during welding provides a smoother internal weld. This improves gas flow. Therefore, more power.


-Lifetime Warranty against cracking!

- Production lead time is 7-8 weeks

- Carefully selected 304 Stainless steel tube. Working to eliminate the risk of material failure.

- Fully Purged welded. Subsequently improving gas flow leading to increases in power and lowered response times.

- 54.76 Internal Diameter Tube tapering into T4 divided Turbo Flange or Garrett V-Band Flange

- Suited for Garrett G Series Turbos

- 40mm Wastegate Flanges

- High Wastegate priority allowing for precise turbo control.

- Fully Smoothed Head Ports designed to optimize gas flow. As a result, providing an increase in power and lowered response times.

- Optimized for use with twin Turbosmart Gen-V Compgate 40 Wastegates.

FD3S 13B Turbo Exhaust Manifold

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