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  • High flow compressor 3" inlet elbow for Evo 8/9 (Evo 4-9) turbo.
  • Light but rigid aluminum, replaces stock restrictive rubber hose.
  • Compatible with the stock turbo or any stock location turbo.
  • TIG welded construction, wrinkle black powdercoated.
  • Specify turbo compressor inlet diamter. 2.5" stock or 4" (100mm) ported shroud inlet.

The turbo inlet hose sits between the MAF on the airbox and the compressor inlet port on the turbo itself.

The stock rubber inlet hose found on the Evo 8/9 engine, while bigger than the average factory inlet hose, has an accordion (turbulence) inner passage as well as a restrictively small inner diameter that will limit peak flow (Horsepower).

When you graduate from the stock turbo and move to a unit that runs a larger compressor wheel, the stock inlet hose will compromise the operation of the larger wheel. In most cases, the efficiency of the larger wheel is drastically reduced and in some cases, NONE of the performance gains of the larger unit is realized because there is backpressure at the intake.

Symptoms of a max'ed out inlet hose are: Slow to hit full boost, limited peak HP/boost, sharp boost drop off at high revs.

On a 57/76mm (GT3076R) compressor wheel, we saw quicker spool throughout as well as a 35HP difference and nearly 50 ft/lb of peak torque.

When ordering, please select the diameter of the compressor housing inlet on your turbo so that we can include the proper transition hose to go to the 3" pipe in this kit.

Evo 7/8/9 High Flow Compressor 3" Inlet Elbow

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