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The Garrett GT3071R-WG is based on the HIGH flowing and larger framed Garrett GT3071R, but conveniently available in the same style T25 turbine housing as the popular Garrett GT2860RS/GT28RS/GT2871R turbochargers.

GT3071R-WG Dual BB

  • The GT3071R-WG has a unique turbine wheel trim and compressor housing.
    The GT3071R-WG includes a standard T04E frame compressor housings (alternate options available), which is larger than the GT2860RS/GT28RS and GT2871R compressor housing. Alternate compact compressor housing options enable a direct drop-in upgrade to GT2554R (GT25R), GT2560R (GT28R), GT2860RS (GT28RS), or GT2871R turbochargers.

    -Wheel: 56.5mm w/ 84 trim
    -Housing: 0.64 a/r
    -Internally Wastegated (No Actuator)
    -Maps: Not Available

    -Wheel: 71mm w/ 56 trim
    -Housing: .50 a/r
    -Maps: Not Available
    -Inlet: 2.75"

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