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Looking to gain extra Horsepower & optimize mid-range and top-end horsepower? Touge Techniques 256 INTAKE and EXHAUST Camshafts are designed to do just that where you need power gains the most. 

Drop-In Camshafts: No Mods Required
Duration: Intake 256 / Exhaust 256
Valve Lift: Intake 8.15mm / Exhaust 8.15mm

Additional Torque & Redline power is achieved with a camshaft specially designed for Touge & Track driving 

No sacrifice of idle or Low end response while gaining 8-10whp in the mid to top end power-band when properly tuned. 

Unlock the full potential of Touge Spec camshafts by utilizing adjustable cam gears, strengthened valve springs and supporting engine management.

-Touge Techniques cams are  compatible with  NA high-output & supercharged/turbocharged 4age 16v engines. 


- Professional installation is highly recommended to ensure proper degree of the camshafts. However, these are a “drop in” camshaft requiring no additional modifications to install.

Touge Spec 4AGE / 4AGZE Camshafts

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