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Reduce 3.5lbs in the belt drive system of the M102 16V engine with a set of aluminum pulleys.

- These Aluminum Pulleys provide more power and improved response

-Made in Germany from 7075 aluminum and then anodized black for thermal protection

- 5 Pulley Set: Crankshaft, water pump, power steering pump and alternator.

- A true OEM+ upgrade: higher quality material and improved performance


- Fits Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 and 2.5-16 including Evolution models.

- You can also install the set on the M102 8V engine. The diameter of the aluminum pulley for the crankshaft is smaller compared to the standard pulley in this case.

- All pulleys to combine freely can also be found in the store – including an optional smaller crankshaft pulley and larger alternator pulley

190E M102 16V Pulley Set

SKU: ART-001078
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