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Complete Mercedes 190E Evo brake system with attachments

- Perfect brake upgrade for the W201

- Plug & Play for 16V models. Classic  and Motorsport variants available.


- ClubSport Package: 190E Evo 2 brake system gives your 190 a high-performance brake system for everyday use to track days and entry into motorsport.

Motorsport Package: For the motorsport variant, we rely on Tarox motorsport brake discs, which are combined with Endless motorsport brake pads. The full race rotors are utilized with curved slots to lower risk of warping, resulting in less vibration and less cracking. Together with the brake pads, they also withstand higher temperatures.


Good braking performance from cold to warm combined with the long service life of the pad and disc make the combination interesting for both track days at a high level and racing events. The higher price is offset by less wear and significantly better braking properties.


Also available are HEL steel flex brake hoses for Mercedes 190E, which are very easy to replace when changing the brakes and, thanks to high-quality materials, create more safety and better braking feel and are more durable than standard rubber hoses.


190E Big Braking Kit Upgrade

SKU: 001007
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