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- High quality aluminum radiator for Mercedes 190E 16V models with drop-in fitment.

- Replacement for the no longer available radiators A2015005303 and A2015006103.

With this high-quality radiator, which is made entirely of aluminum, you replace old coolers with plastic tanks, which due to their age are prone to leaking or being clogged with deposits on the inside. 

A radiator made entirely of aluminum is far superior in quality and durability even to the original A2015005303 and A2015006103 parts, which are now no longer available.

- Thanks to the drop-in fitment, the cooler can be installed without modifications and uses original fan shroud, A/C condenser, hoses and covers.

- The transmission oil cooler for an automatic transmission is also included, of course. 

- Each radiator includes a bracket for a 406mm electric fan, which can be easily ordered as well. A corresponding fan controller is also optionally available.

- For performance applications, an enlarged external oil cooler can also be fitted – but this requires the A/C condenser to be deleted. Contact us if you are interested in this solution.

190E 16V Race Radiator Kit

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